This all leads to the burger

If i remember correctly, i have been to a fast food restaurant for the first time when i was about 14 years old. Which i believe to be a good thing, when i see all the little ones asking for it at a very young age, maybe more for the toy that comes with it.

But still, it might not be the best way to educate your taste, to learn how to balance food. Now i know that fast food chains are making an effort that way, bringing more "green" into the mix. But still, if you've ever seen "Super Size Me", you might not want to go back as often.

The fast food restaurants might be the most controlled ones, but i'm still not too found of not really knowing what i'm eating. Which you could argue is the same when you go to a restaurant, but i just don't think the people that work at McDonalds, do it out of love for food and care about what they serve you, like i'd expect a chef to.

Nevertheless, I do love a good hamburger. And now that i have a grinder, i can even choose which beef cut i want, instead of some undefined ground/minced beef, that should be cooked within 12 hours by the way.

So this isn't really a recipe per say, it's just how i like my burger. And making it from scratch is really worth the work, from the first to the last bite.


For one Burger

200gr of Beef (like sirloin)
1 Tablespoon of Mustard
1 Teaspoon of Worcester Sauce
Salt, Pepper
1 Hamburger Bun
2 Tablespoon of Homemade Ketchup
1 Tomato
50gr of Cheese (i like a middle-agged Comté)
1 Pickle
A Few Rings of Red Onion

Ground your meat shortly before using it and try to keep it cold. I know most hamburger patties are made ready with eggs and breadcrumbs, but here i just wanted something simple. It does make the burger harder to flip, so try to keep that to a minimum.

In the minced beef, add the mustard, the worcester sauce and the pepper, mix with a fork and than form your patty. Once the patty is formed you can salt it on both sides.

Put a griddle or a frying pan on a medium to high heat, wait for it to be hot. I like my meat well done, so i cook it about 4 to 5 minutes on each side. But that depends on the size of your patty.

Slice open your bun and grill the inside for about a minute, until it's lightly toasted.

Now it's just a mattter of piling things up. I spread ketchup on the bottom, followed by slices of tomato, than the hot beef patty with the cheese on top, so it melts a little, than the slices of pickle and the onions. It just needs the top of the bun, and Voilà!

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