Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Yes, it's the final rush towards christmas, and I'm almost scared to jinx myself by saying I have everything I need. I know I'll realise saturday morning, there is one (tiny but essential) ingredient missing for one of the final preparation, which means heading to the local market, facing the crowd of people, who just like me, forgot something.

But I did plan ahead this year, I even made a list of what to do and when. Obviously I've started my christmas cookies for a while, and like every year, I'm in charge of desserts. Although it's super classical, I've never done a chestnut christmas log, but I did do a tangerine christmas log a few years ago. Therefof, yesterday I did some chestnut cream, so that's ready.

I also decided to make truffles to offer this year, for a change, because chocolate feels festive and I can use any excuse to buy and work with my favorite ingredient. It was also a chance to play a little with spices, taste and textures. Depending on the chocolate you use, if you add butter or not, which spice you use, you get a totally different result.

The three variety I tried: a very classical one with just chocolate and chocolate powder, a cardamom and coconut and a 4 spicies and ground almond. Adding the butter makes them a bit creamier, but it's all about trying out what you like best. The added bonus is being able to get your hands all dirty when you forms the truffles, which made me feel like I'm about 6 years old again.

Let me use the opportunity to wish you all a merry christmas, I hope you'll get to spend this time with your beloved ones, I wish you all peace and joy.

4 Spices Chocolate Truffles

20cl of Cream
1 Tablespoon of 4 Spices Mix (Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Nutmeg)
10gr of Butter
200gr of Dark Chocolate (52% in this case)
3 Tablespoons of Ground Almond

Break the chocolate into small pieces and cut the butter into a few cubes. Place both in a bowl.

On a low to medium heat, heat up the liquid cream mixed with the 4 spices, at the first bubbles, pour it on the chocolate and butter, using a whisk, combine everything together. Even when the chocolate has melted, keep whisking until it's shiny. Place in the fridge for at least 3 hours (preferably overnight).

Using a small spoon, take some ganache and roll it between your hands (that's the messy part) until it forms a ball, and roll it into the ground almond. If you have some, place them in little paper cases.

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