Asparagus, Parmigiano, Eggs, Part 2

Though I don't like reality shows at all, I do admit having a guilty pleasure watching "Top Chef" (I'm pretty sure there is a franchise of that tv show in many countries). They do keep the sensational/emotional vibe to a minimum, and it actually includes real chefs, real recipes, real advices and tips.

The challenges that the contestants face every week get harder and harder, and what I find to be interesting, is to see what every one of them creates with the same ingredients. You can see each and every one's sensibility and creativity. I find it amazing to see how different the results are, the only thing missing, is to be actually able to taste them.

I guess the key is to find the right combination of ingredients. Hoping not to be too redundant, this recipe includes again asparagus, parmigiano and eggs, just in a different way. I was left with asparagus cream broth from my last recipe that I didn't want it to go to waste.
This can be eaten hot for a nice meal, aswell as cold, sliced for an appetizer. It has a nice asparagus taste without it's texture, so maybe it would work nicely on children. This is the last asparagus recipe I promise... For this season at least!

Asparagus Crêpes

For 10 Crêpes/Pancakes

300gr of Asparagus
300ml of Water
200ml of Soy Cream
3 Eggs
200gr of Flour
3 Tablespoons of Fresh Chives, chopped
1/2 Teaspoon of Bicarb
Salt, Pepper
Parmigiano, to taste

Clean and peel the asparagus. I didn't use the asparagus heads in this version, because it's the broth from a previous recipe that is used, flavoured with the peels. But for more taste, if you don't do the broth from the start, I would use the whole asparagus, diced into cubes.

In a pan on a middle heat, add the water and the soy cream with a little bit of salt. Place the asparagus cubes into it, let it bubble for about 10 minutes. Using a hand mixer, or a blender, mix everything well together. Set aside and let it cool a little.

In a bowl, beat the 3 eggs and add the asparagus mix, using a whip combine everything well. Sieve in the flour slowly to avoid lumps. Add the bicarb, the chives and season with pepper. When everything is well combined, leave it to rest for about 30 minutes.

Heat up a non-sticky frying pan on a medium heat, with a little bit of oil. When the pan is hot enough, using a ladle, pour in the batter and tilt the pan in a circular movement to spread it, like you would for a crêpes. Cook it for about 3-4 minutes on one side, and tilt over for about 1 minute on the over one.

If you want to eat them hot, serve immediately and grate parmigiano over the crêpes. Otherwise, leave them to cool, and grate the parmigiano before rolling them and cutting them into about 1cm portion.

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