Beetroot and Pear Carpaccio with Tuna, Horseradish Cream

Communication is fascinating. Semantic, the meaning of words, the way we use them, how they evolved thru time and the differences between languages. I don't know if any of you ever seen "Quest for fire", but can you imagine going from basically grunts, to such an evolved vocabulary that we can express our every feeling.

I pride myself to be able to speak in different languages, to even do my work in the ones I'm fluent in. I love learning a new one, and hope to be fluent in that one too, one day. But sometimes I wonder, no matter how educated we are, is what we say going to be understood? Is how we tell things, the same as how people are going to hear them? Beyond knowlegde, isn't our own experience going to influence our understanding.

Take music for instance, I might find a meaning in a song that reflects on my life, where the musician might have ment something completly different. Or you might be wondering if you're still on a food blog by reading this. Well no worries, you are! And this blogger has spend last week-end in her favorit city, enjoying sun, music and food. It was also a reminder of all the things I've learned so far, aswell as all the lessons I still have ahead of me.

Beetroot and Pear Carpaccio with Tuna, Horseradish Cream

Serves 1

1 Small Beetroot, cooked
1 Pear (Rocha)
150gr Tuna Fillet (mine was canned and Portuguese)
10cl of Cream
1 Teaspoon of Horseradish
1 Tablespoon of Chive, freshly choped
1 Tablespoon of Dill
Walnut Oil
Lemon juice
Coarse salt, Pepper

Using preferably a mandoline, slice the beetroot and the pear as finely as possible. Season them with lemon juice, so the pear won't turn brown.

Whip the cream, add the horseradish and whip again until it's nice and fluffy.

To serve, place the beetroot and pear around the plate, in the middle add the tuna. Season with the walnut oil, if needed add some lemon juice. Sprinkle with fresh chive, the dill, a little bit of salt and pepper. To finish, add some of the horseradish cream.

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