Food and fotography, those are the two reasons why i'm here, and most likely why you ended up here too.

I'm an enthoustiastic baker and a decent cook, i love being in the kitchen and try out new recipes and technics found in books, or over the internet. This is one of the reasons why i'm starting this blog, a challenge to myself, a will to share recipes, experiences and images.

As an amateur photographer, « Back to basics » was in the first place, an idea of a photograpic serie i started: making shots of a single ingredient or ustensil, that i use in my kitchen. But it grew into something more global: enjoying the little pleasures in life, aswell as being more responsible toward nature.

I'm a european citizen, a chocolate-addict, a recovering obese, a bad musician, a careful driver, an optimistic mind... Join me if you like, this is me, going back to basics.

PS: I chose to write in english, but this blog might switch to french, german or (bad) portuguese for some posts.

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