Tomatoes and Goat Cheese Samosas

I tend, on many aspects of my life, to swim against the mainstream. Not by choice, i'm not much of a rebel, but just by taste. Foodwise, as you may have noticed based on my recipes, i'm not a big fan of meat, which i just cook occasionally. I also don't drink coffee or alcohol, to me both are for grown-ups, which i'm not quite yet ;)

That applies to deep fried food too. First of all, i'm a clumsy person, so handling hot oil, is something i try to avoid. But also, i mostly feel it's too greasy and a bit heavy on my stomach.
Even for desserts, i rarely prepare donuts or churros, and only in small quantities. Although i love Scotland, i don't know how they came across the idea of frying a mars bar... geez.

But i think the difference of textures is very important, in the balance of a dish. Having some crunch in a crust or a paste, is lovely with a soft cheese or a smooth cream.
That's what i like about Samosas (or as the french say: Samoussas) that crunchy bite to discover a soft filling. So this is my take on them, without any dangerous deep-frying, and with an easy and tasty filling.

Tomatoes and Goat Cheese Samosas

For 4 Samosas

100gr of Fresh Goat Cheese
1 Tomatoe
2 Tablespoon of Freshly chopped Chive
2 Filo Pastry Sheet

Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Cut the tomatoe in half, and take away the seeds. Chop it into small cubes, mix it with the chive and the goat cheese.

Take 1 Filo pastry sheet, it's normally a cercle, and cut it into 2 half. With a brush spread some mustard on it, i choose mustard with seeds, this will help to make it stick and it makes it tastier. Now fold the top of your half-cercle, so that you have a big stripe.
Put a spoonfull of the tomatoe/cheese/chive mixture on one end of the stripe, and fold it to a triangle shape. Keep folding until the end of the stripe. If that didn't made any sense, watch this video.

Put your samosas in an oven dish and with a brush, spread a bit of olive oil on them. This will help them crisp in the oven, without being too heavy. Put them in the hot oven for about 25 minutes and turn them around half way thru.

Perfect finger food for a TV diner next to a nice salad, or great as an appetizer when you have friends coming over.

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