Rainy Sunday Breakfast

I don't mind rainy sundays, they just give me an excuse to stay inside. I believe i have an above average cave woman chromosome that survived thru generations. Or in the words of Joey Tribbiani "inside good, outside bad".

But if the sun is not outside in the sky, we should have it on our plates instead. Now eggs sunny side up could be an option, but i'm just not a savory breakfast kinda girl, mine needs to be sweet.

As you may have read already, i love apricots! Their season being quite short (june to august), i tend to have them as often as possible for the time being. I've already made jam for the winter, baked cake, clafoutis or just enjoyed them like that.

Now here's a combination that works very well: apricot and rosemary. Like pineapple and mint or peaches and pepper, unusual matches can bring good surprises.
So here are some poached apricots with a rosemary and vanilla syrup, this is all you need on a grey sunday morning.

Poached Apricots with Rosemary and Vanilla Syrup

Serves 1

350gr of Apricots
200ml of Water
150gr of Sugar
1 Pod of Vanilla
1 Tablespoon of Fresh Rosemary, chopped
1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice

In a big pan, off the flame for the moment, put the water and the sugar and try to disolve most of it. Add the rosemary and the lemon juice. Cut the vanilla pod in half and scratch the inside to put it in the water, you can put the half of vanilla pod in the syrup aswell.

Place the pan on a high flame, and let it bubble down for about 5 minutes. Cut the apricots in half, and pit them. Place them carefully in the syrup for about 5 minutes, until they are coated and soft.

Take the apricots out and set them aside, let the syrup on the flame for about 5 more minutes, until it has a honey like consistency.

To serve, i put some yoghourt on top of the apricots, and than pour the syrup on it. I believe you could trade the yoghourt for some mascarpone, which would make it richer, or also add some toasted almonds on top.

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