Lemon Curd, Sunshine in a Jar

I like to make marmelade and jam in the summer, to be able to enjoy fruits even thru the winter. For instance, the apricot season is always too short to me, so knowing a few jar of apricot marmelade are waiting for me in the pantry, is very conforting. The only problem, is they don't always make it to the winter... ;)

Now, this isn't exactly jam or marmelade, but i always wanted to try lemon curd. Something so british, could only work perfectly with my morning or evening tea. It's shiny color spread across a toast, a scone or a pancake is like the sun shining from your plate!

Lemon Curd (from Petit Larrouse pâtissier)

For one jar

2 Organic Lemons
50gr of Butter (at room temperature)
2 Eggs
100gr of Caster Sugar
1 Teaspoon of Cornstarch

Cut the butter into very small pieces and let it get to room temperature, so it's soft enough to work with it. Peel the zest of the two lemons, press the juice and put both in a pan.

In a bowl, beat the two eggs together, add the sugar and the soft butter, try to mix it well.
Disolve the cornstarch teaspoon in the lemon juice, add the egg/sugar/butter mixture to it, and put it on a soft heat. You'll need to to whip it constantly for about 10 minutes, until it has a creamy consistancy.

Poor it in a jar when it's still hot, let it cool and close it with the lid. This keeps for about 2 weeks in the fridge.

The perfect pick up food for all my "Ain't No Sunshine when she's gone..." moments.

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